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Hello.  I’m Guilaine Menefee, the Executive Director of the Black Business Alliance. I was introduced and drawn to the Black Business Alliance in 2016 because of its similar, community mission (as mine) to help minority businesses be economically empowered and sustainable in CT and beyond.  I’m a 3-time business owner, where I’ve had already a successful track record of helping entrepreneurs stand up their own firms with my 1st company Menefee Associates Consulting, LLC, a business consultant firm that works with entrepreneurs, business professionals and corporations to develop business plans, business models and organizational effectiveness strategies. In 2017, I founded my 3rd company, Your Fitness Network (YFN), through which I carry my 1st passion and love - health and nutrition.  As a professional bodybuilder and avid health advocate, I have an online fitness platform where I can provide personal training and nutrition.  And just like YFN’s mission, I always look to help others make health and fitness a lifestyle and most importantly, priority.

I’m a wife and mom of 2. I’m also an active servant leader within the community, serving in volunteer capacities across several organizations. My hope is that through my companies or organizations I lead, my volunteering and what I represent, I can make businesses and the community alike a more social conscious, economically sustainable and healthier place to be.  "Being an active constituent in my community is important in my lifelong pursuit to positively influence, educate and volunteer my God-given talents for the betterment of others." 

As the current leader for the Black Business Alliance, my priorities rest in a foundation of awareness and education.  When entrepreneurs are aware of resources available to them as business owners and educated how to wield their business acumen and network, then black communities can truly be empowered to create and sustain their own eco-systems, relying on themselves to build their communities.  Because it takes a village, the Black Business Alliance and I will lead the way to intentionally work with entrepreneurs, the state, foundations, government entities and other resources in the community to equip our black entrepreneurs to success!