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My name is Frank Dixon, President of The Black Business Alliance (BBA). I have always had a long-term passion of empowering Black and other social-disadvantaged communities to becoming self-sustaining and less dependent on others.  This and more is why I’m proud to lead the BBA. I am honored to be in partnership with these focused and like-minded individuals.

I came to BBA with more than 20+ years of providing senior-level leadership and operational guidance to all organizations, both private and public sector and to professionals.  This allowed me to build key relationships and form BBA’s core policy and operational model in 2014.   From there, we built a team of BBA Board of Directors comprised of 100% minority business owners, altruistically focused on the enhancement and empowerment of our members and associated communities.  This dynamic team uniquely positions BBA throughout Connecticut and nationally with the resources and tools needed to achieve our mission and vision.  I am honored to partner with some other extremely focused and like-minded individuals.

I truly believe in the concept of EMPOWERING our communities of color. This allows us to become self-performing through vibrate “eco-system” commerce and business development model.  It creates and passes on generational wealth to address the legacy structural and systemic, social, economic and educational challenges that has plagued our people for more than 400+ years.

I invite you to “Join the Future” as a member of the BBA.  Work with us to empower our communities to grow and become self-sustaining!


Frank Dixon, President

The Black Business Alliance