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Do you know which is the best city in the U.S. for minority entrepreneurs to develop their businesses? Across all 50 states, Houston, Miami and Atlanta are the top three cities that minority business owners are flocking to. Check out this article to learn more about the best cities for aspiring minority business owners to set up shop.

5 Organizations Helping Minority Startup Founders Succeed

Founder and CEO of CODE2040 Laura Weidman Powers One of the biggest problems for minority-owned businesses is the lack of resources available to help them develop their businesses. Fortunately, several organizations have emerged as leaders in the effort to help minority entrepreneurs start companies, build businesses, secure funding and eventually achieve success. Check out this article to learn more about these organizations.


As a minority business owner, becoming a diverse supplier to large companies can be a great way to grow and develop your company. But do you know how to make yourself visible to these large companies? Check out this article to learn some tips about how to become a diverse supplier for large companies.