Needs Assesment and Analysis

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BBA has created efficient approaches to evaluating business needs and quickly identifying how to fill these gaps for small businesses, especially with resources within the organization’s membership or throughout Connecticut.  BBA connects closely with small businesses that BBA encounters to ensure it can understand their needs.

BBA will conduct an assessment analysis, a systematic process for determining and addressing the needs / gaps between current and desired business conditions. We focus on gaps pertaining to business access to funding, educational resources, and statewide capacity building in CT.

Some examples of BBA programs include:

  • Business diagnostics and consulting.  Get 1 on 1 diagnostic reviews of business or organization
  • Tweak my Biz.  Shark Tank-like panel of executive-level business professionals that will assess business ideas and models for entrepreneurs and business owners

Through our services, BBA targets to

  • Root cause analysis and find constraints or bottlenecks so businesses can identify what’s stopping them from starting or thriving in our state.
  • Provide recommendations or solutions for improvements
  • Follow up assessments to measure success and sustainability of these improvements