Supplier Diversity

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Supplier Diversity programs (or also referred as “set-aside” programs in the government space) present different opportunities for minority small businesses to extend their business for improved economic growth.  Small and minority businesses who are interested can also become eligible to become certified as a Connecticut Small or Minority Business (SBE/MBE).

Whether large corporations or with the government, BBA will provide guidance to small and diverse business owners to help entrepreneurs navigate the supplier diversity qualification process.  BBA can assist business owners understand criteria and experience needed in order to strategically position their firm(s) to solicit bids for future proposals and government projects.

Through our services, BBA targets to

  • Bring awareness and connect small businesses so they can take advantage of opportunities presented through supplier diversity programs
  • Provide technical assistance so small businesses can successfully apply or be eligible
  • Increase number of diverse suppliers throughout the state by facilitating larger number of registrations with supplier diversity programs.